EXO Reaction – You Being A Lip Biter And Somew…

09/07/2019 – Sorry I haven’t been updating, I’ve been up to my neck in college, my job and other things I’ve been needing to do. Hopefully I will be able to post a little bit more before going back to college in September! Again, I’m really sorry for the long haitus recently and I hope you understand! I love you all <3


Hey thanks for the request and I hope you like it! <3


Xiumin – *It’ll spark a little eye in his eye, he was probably not expecting it but would let you continue, leading things to get even more heated naturally*

Lay – *Would look at you, the way he would look at you would give you mixed signals, does he like it? Does he not? But eventually he would pull you back in and would gently bite your lip to indicate to keep going*

Kai – *He’d grin into the kiss and would pull you close, one hand reaching up to the back of your head, lightly pulling a handful of your hair to hear you moan more*

Suho – *Would be a little shy about it at first, but would definitely get into it eventually*

Kyungsoo – *Naturally he doesn’t seem the type to like it, but I think he would love a hair pull now and again to indicate your satisfied and would ask if he hurt you when biting your lip*

Tao – *He’d be worried about his hair more than anything, but after a while, he won’t give a shit considering he new he could do it back to you*

Chen – 

*If you start, he’d continue until he can get you into the whole mood and would use your own weapon against you just because he can*

Kris – *Would probably just smirk and growl into your ear* I didn’t expect that from you baby, that’s new. I like it

Chanyeol – *Would be confused at first. But would find it playful until told or indicated otherwise then would use it against you*

Baekhyun – *Oh, he’d be all for it, if anything, he would be the first one to initiate it all, so he wouldn’t be fazed*

Sehun – *He’d pretend to bitch about it and make snarky comments, but would then proceed to continue to do it to you to wind you up* 

How dare you pull my hair, it’s been styled perfectly and my lips are not to bite

Luhan – *The hair pulling he’d definitely be into, and would use it on your a few times, especially to pull your head to the side to get to your neck*


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